3D Community Aware Virtual Spaces as Smart Living Environments for Physical Activity and Rehabilitation

VR2Care brings a new paradigm for smart living environments by enabling a multi-user extended reality service, available for embodied exercising group in different physical locations at the same time and with expert exercise supervision. Motivation is empowered by social commitment, where the social experience and the gamified entertainment experience replaces more traditional approaches. VR2Care leverage the technology by running four demonstrators that support the project pilots in three locations across the EU: Portugal, the Netherlands and Italy. Demonstrators explore the multiuser capabilities of the environment in a distance psychomotricity training with large movements; multimodal natural interaction, with real-time AI-supported guidance for a one-to-one physical rehabilitation experience; a hybrid approach with a local group of older adults and a distance individuals performing physical activities; and a clinical approach for the promotion of exercise as a therapy after rehabilitation. From a business perspective, VR2Care opens up a global market to deliver services and products to customers, where distances between provider and customer disappear.

Website: https://www.vr2care.eu/