Submission deadline: 28 AUGUST 2023


The Booster is an intensive content accelerator program aimed at empowering XR content creators. It focuses on refining pitch and presentation skills, gaining the latest insights and trends in XR content, and honing strategies for developing and financing XR projects.

The Booster is led by international experts Sylvain GRAIN and includes online masterclasses and participation in Stereopsia EUROPE in Brussels, featuring B2B meetings and project pitch presentations to potential partners, co-producers, distributors, and film funds.

Participants also have the opportunity to create new business networks, compete for the Booster Award, and attend the Awards Ceremony of Stereopsia.

Key takeaways include personalized coaching and mentoring, mastering the art of pitching a project, learning effective application techniques, discovering sources for grants and funds, understanding the appropriate language for the XR industry, and gaining insights into the diverse funding mechanisms available.

For XR producers with immersive narrative projects in development, the Booster offers an opportunity to connect with creative and financing partners. Each project can have a maximum of three team members, including a mandatory producer and creative lead.

  • Call open: 15 April to 15 September 2024
  • Online masterclasses: 25 November to 6 December 2024 (4 sessions)
  • Onsite event: 10 & 11 December at Stereopsia in Brussels