Sylvain ROBERT

For the past 3 decades, Sylvain Syro ROBERT has seamlessly integrated art as a central element in all his endeavors. Despite his roles as an entrepreneur, CEO, and administrator, it is art that fuels his drive to lead Studios-R Inc. He is a multi-talented artist, serving as an author, composer, performer, screenwriter, director, and artistic director. Under Sylvain’s artistic direction, Studios-R has tackled diverse challenges, ranging from stage multimedia productions (such as Amos Daragon – The Phoenix by Bryan Perro or the circus show Eclyps at the Cit√© de l’√Čnergie) to architectural projections and virtual reality design (including Ozias Leduc: From Soul to Work, Twenty Thousand Places Under the Lake – The Lake of Fairies in St-Constant, or La belle St-Maurice).

Sylvain’s underlying philosophy can be summarized as follows: “In my view, the role of an artist is to make the inaccessible accessible, to give shape to the improbable, to awaken dreams, and to invite people on a journey… and, with a touch of luck, to evoke disruption, enchantment, and emotion in the audience, offering them a unique moment!”