Oscar CARTAGENA is a pioneering entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience leading projects in tech-creative industries, with a broad project vision and a diverse skill set that includes programming, design, art, audiovisuals, marketing and project management. Over the past few years, he has focused on developing immersive marketing experiences, and has worked to promote the growth of the XR industry in Chile and Latin America.
He is the founder & president of the Chilean Association of Immersive Experiences (ACHEX), the only non-profit organization in Chile dedicated to advancing the XR industry and its impact on Chilean society. He is an active member of the Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Rights, Digital Platforms, and Metaverse Laboratory of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation, where he collaborates with key stakeholders to develop proposals for regulatory frameworks and legislation related to emerging technologies. Oscar is also the Regional Liaison for Latin America for X Reality Safety Intelligence (XRSI), a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a safer and more inclusive future Metaverse.