Journalist and Master in Social Communication from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, with an Academic Certificate in Dramatury from the same university.
During her career, she has been linked to creation, cultural management and communications, in leading positions in public and private spheres.
She has worked on tv and films as an actress, scriptwriter and audiovisual director; as publisher in the specialized arts magazine “Arte Al Límite”; she was founder and director of the Easter Island Film Festival “Rapa Nui Film Fest”; Head of the Regional Coordination of the Ministry of Culture in Chile; Coordinator of Artistic Programming at Corpartes Foundation and recently was the General Coordinator of Creative Economy at CORFO, public agency depending on the Ministry of Economy.
Nowadays she leads the Center for the Technological Revolution in Creative Industries, CRTIC, a unique and inedit public-private initiative in Chile and Latin America that seeks to strengthen the creative ecosystem with the new disruptive technologies. These, through the development of training programs, techo-creative residencies and services in order to create an innovation hub from Chile to the rest of the  world.