XRECO – XR Media Ecosystem

XRECO will create a data-driven ecosystem for the media industry, supporting the whole value chain around the creation of news and entertainment content, the creation and (re-)use of location-related 2D and 3D assets and of XR experiences, considering novel data monetization and rights management policies. A set of AI-based services are built around a Neural Media Repository, incl. 3D neural reconstructions, neural based device localisation, de-/re-lighting and holoportation.

20 partners from 12 countries will combine their competences and visions to enable efficient media data sharing, discovery, recommendations, and transformations, involving different types and sizes of media organisations. Media producers will be able to use data from third parties to deliver new integrated media formats that are delivered with spatial interrelations to be more suitable for immersive consumption, using XR technologies. XRECO will build the enabling technology and pave the way for lifting the use of XR media content from being occasionally involved in media production to being regularly integrated in the media industry.