Michael BARNGROVER a pioneering force in the realm of Extended Reality (XR), serves as the Managing Director of XR4Europe. Through this role, he diligently supports XR communities worldwide, fostering connections between academia, business, and society. Michael’s extensive involvement encompasses not only community building but also contributions as an XR developer and researcher, where he explores applications for both enterprise and cultural enrichment. 

At the helm of XR4Europe, Michael strategically enhances regional ecosystems, reinforcing bonds that facilitate growth and innovation. Notably, his efforts led to the inception of XR4Europe, a pan-European association born from the collaborative efforts of XR4ALL consortium members and territorial clusters. This association effectively advocates for the XR community’s interests with the backing of European institutions, providing essential services for member development. 

Michael BARNGROVER’s enduring dedication resonates through his multifaceted roles, shaping the XR landscape and propelling Europe’s XR journey into a future teeming with possibilities.