Andrey LUNEV

Andrey Lunev is Venture Partner at Fores Ventures. His entrepreneurial background, experience with VC practices, and long engagement with XR tech give him profound analytical insights into opportunities for investors and startups. He believes that “XR as convergence of Mobile compute, Data processing (ML/AI) & Real Time 3D Visualisation (VR/AR) is a fundamentally new medium that today changes the way we experience life, connect as humans, and allocate our trust into communities”.

Prior to that, Andrey assisted startup teams in fundraising with his encyclopedic knowledge of the XR industry, helping them understand and advance their unique competencies while fostering cooperation and coopetition across diverse ecosystem. He is a longtime community activist in XR Crowd, facilitating informal relationships and networking among XR professionals during trade shows, festivals, and conferences. He also contributed as a mentor at StartupBootcamp (Amsterdam). He serves as a jury expert at XR Tech Venture Forum, TechTour and member of Horizon 2020 expert pool.

Andrey was among featured on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine (July 2020 issue) for producing experimental online events hosted in Virtual Reality.

He holds degrees in Finance from Plekhanov Economics University (Russia) and Management of Technology and Innovation from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland).