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Not just any other XR event!

Stereopsia is an international forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content. It is the ultimate gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, content creators, academics, and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives since 2009.

We are now preparing the 15th edition...

The event is well known for its top-level conferences but also features a Competition for the best XR contents produced in Europe, with its fantastic EUROPEAN XR AWARDS where the Crystal Owl® Awards are handed out.

Stereopsia EUROPE also hosts an exhibition area at the very center of its venue with XR demos and the XR Showcase with the nominated VR & AR content.

Stereopsia EUROPE is therefore a nicely crafted combination of keynotes, panels, a Festival, Booster labs, B2B sessions, an Exhibition Area, XR showcases and amazing networking opportunities!

Stereopsia is one of the proud founding members of the XR4Europe Association, and EUROFEST XR.

We love building bridges between audiences.

“Stereopsia EUROPE is an excellent example of cross-fertilization between very diverse audiences who are not used to meeting one another. It is amazing to create a place where so many people from different fields come together, and to give them the opportunity to connect and network!
Stereopsia EUROPE is a unique and friendly place for worldwide professionals – sharing the same passion for immersive technologies and their use – to network, build partnerships and seize business opportunities.”



Extended reality or XR is no longer confined to the realms of gamers and Gen Z. Stereopsia EUROPE tackles various verticals, so many sectors are interested in the event.

Stereopsia EUROPE primarily focuses on engaging various stakeholders, including entrepreneurs in industries such as tech, telecom, healthcare, retail, AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction), and travel. Additionally, it caters to institutions like museums and the European Commission, as well as tech and XR (Extended Reality) investors, technology influencers, professors, students, engineers, visual and sound artists, XR creators, and developers, among others.

Stereopsia attracts a widely international crowd, but also has a tradition of involving younger local audiences and students, with specific conferences, and training.

Over the course of the past 14 editions, speakers included amazing international experts such as Thomas Kubski (Deloitte Digital), Kane Lee (Baobab Studios), Franck Gaillard (Alstom), Philippe Bornstein (XR.PLUS), Valerie Allié (Interdigital), Déborah Papiernik (Ubisoft), Ioana Matei (Procter&Gamble), Ravi Velhal (INTEL), Liz Rosenthal (on XR business and ROI), Wim Buyens (Cinionic/BARCO), Louis Cacciuttolo (VRrOOm), Stan Larroque (LYNX), Tupac Martir (SATORE STUDIOS), Frédéric Lecompte (BackLight), Michael Ludden & Matthew Neutra (BOSE), Sven Bliedung (Volucap), Antoine Cayrol (AtlasV), Rafael Pavon, Antony Vitillo (New Technology Walkers), Alexandre Regeffe (RSHIFT), John Canning (Digital Domain), Thomas Aichinger (Scopeaudio), Bob Cooney, Cathline Smoos (ImbueVR), Danielle Giroux (Astrea Immersive), Guy Daleiden (Filmfund Luxembourg), François Fripiat (Demute), Sönke Kirchhof (INVR.space), Michel Reilhac (Venice Biennale College Cinema), Anne Bajart (European Commission), Max Salomon (Black Dot Films VR), François Klein (Digital Rise), Michela Ritondo (Belgian Tax Shelter), Andrey Lunev (Startup Wise Guys), Lorena Gonzalez (Inmersiva XR), Isabel De Peuter (Euromersive), Maud Clavier (CNXR),  Dimitri Pirnay (OneBonsai), Juan Bossicard (Meta), and many many more…

Meet the team behind Stereopsia EUROPE!